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Dental Lavelle Our Amenities

The success of a Dentist is determined by one’s skills, ability to communicate effectively and most importantly, to deliver care in a compassionate and comfortable manner. We go above and beyond to arrive at individualized patient focused care. We strive to offer the highest quality dentistry in Bengaluru and always aspire to keep improving and challenging ourselves. Decision making is backed by evidence based Dentistry. Science meets Art at Dental Lavelle.

Our office has a history of over 40 years of delivering high quality dental care. Over the years, our patients have regarded Dr. Jagadeesh Belur and Dr. Druthil Belur amongst the best Dentists in Bangalore. They are passionate, trained in some of the best institutions around the world, and have worked in some of the best practices in the United States.  Dentists in the U.S. undergo rigorous training on a local, state and national level. Every Dentist in the U.S. is governed by the State Dental Councils (or Boards) which protect the safety of patients and regulate the quality of care. Dentists in Bangalore have the option of accessing high quality continuing education by choice. However, in order to have an active license to practice in any state in the United States, continuing education is a mandate.

While the true success of a clinician is word of mouth, social media has gained significant traction over the years. When patients search ‘Dentist near me’ in Bangalore, we are proud to show an overall 5.0 star Google rating. We strive to go above and beyond. Dentists in Bangalore over the years have also regarded Dental Lavelle to be unique and quality oriented. In 2021, a advanced continuing education center will be launched at Dental Lavelle, aimed at conducting courses for Dentists all over India related to Cosmetic Dentistry, Implant Dentistry and Digital Dentistry.

The safety of our patients is of highest priority. Sterilization and disinfection protocols at Dental Lavelle parallel any high-end dental clinic or practice in the United States. In addition, the state-of-the-art infrastructure and dental equipment allow seamless efficient workflows for the best experience for the patient. For more details, do visit various links to our website in the ‘About Us’ tab.

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